Stay Smart Care for Seniors and Loved Ones

  1. Need to know mom is ok and that she is looked after by a nurse 24/7 with the ability to dispatch support (ambulance) if needed.
  2. Reduce caregiver stress from not knowing how to manage patient care, know that nurse support is aligned with Physician
  3. Mom wants to know that support will be there without having someone in her home to watch her.
  4. Passive sensors provide the highest level of supervision with the least amount of intrusion.
  5. Early identification of problems that might otherwise be ignored and before they become urgent or emergent
  6. Remove self-diagnosis and mis-management of conditions leading to a healthy life.
  7. Provide clinically accurate, insightful and objective data to the primary care physician from between office visits promoting improved Quality of Care.
  8. Offers caregivers a tool to monitor and support people who are out of town or hard to physically reach.