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More than Your Average Home Monitoring System

Stay Smart Care is the only company that monitors not one, but four categories of data, unlike other systems that only monitor a sudden change in activity, such as a fall.

How Does it Work?

We use discreet monitors to collect data on the daily activities of your loved one. No wearables required. We monitor health data, activity data, medication data, and cognitive data for a complete picture of how your loved one is doing around the clock – without interrupting their activities of daily living or intruding upon their privacy.

Our staff uses regular coaching of clients and their families with nurses to help them proactively manage their health and prevent anything from becoming an issue.

Our call center is alerted 24/7 with nurses on call that will take immediate action should something out of the ordinary (such as a fall) occur. We’ll call family and EMS at the first sign of possible trouble. The Stay Smart Care mobile app will also alert all caretakers linked to your account.

Your loved one’s primary care physicians are kept in the loop on a monthly basis with insights from data that is collected from monitors, including activity, vitals, and more.

The Stay Smart mobile app and the Alexa interface by Amazon can be used by families to get updates on their loved ones at any time from their mobile devices. “Alexa, how is Mom today?

Learn more about the unique aging-in-place services provided by Stay Smart Care that will help your loved one stay at home, retain his or her independence, and still be monitored 24/7 by medical professionals.


Stay Smart Care invites you to discover a new world of aging-in-place services for your loved one.

To get started with Stay Smart Care or to learn more, please email us at or call us at 321-214-4619.