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Your Way.

The innovative aging in place solution that combines smart technology and
health services to enable seniors to stay safely independent.


Aging adults stay enjoying their lifestyle because they can stay safely independent longer in their homes.


Families stay confident that their loved one will stay safe and healthy because of data collection, tracking and intelligent analysis.


Physicians stay up-to-date on their patient’s condition, armed with the information they need to make informed care decisions.

Stay Smart Care aging in place solution reimagines the way we age.

Stay Smart Care is the most comprehensive and cost-effective aging in place solution. This innovative solution combines smart technology and health service to measure and interpret data in order to detect health, behavioral or cognitive changes before they become a larger problem. Stay Smart Care enables elders to stay living life the way they want, and their caregivers can stay ASSURED they are safe and healthy.
Stay Smart Care–The New Way to Age in Place!

Watch how Midge is able
to stay living her life!