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Our Story, Your Care

As CEO and founder of Stay Smart Care, I know how difficult getting older can be. My mother Midge has a busy lifestyle, seeing friends, exploring the city, and doing volunteer work in the local community. But when she starting experiencing health issues, my sister and I talked to my mom’s doctor and we decided having her live at home alone may no longer be safe.

So why does this all matter?

My mom is still healthy, and she loves her independence, so moving her into a retirement community wasn’t exactly a realistic option. She didn’t need in-home caregivers yet, so that was not the right decision either. We finally decided to keep her at home – but with a few modifications.

If my mom was going to stay at home, we had to make sure she could still get access to the care she needs without injuring herself at home. My sister and I looked at some life alert systems and private home care networks, but nothing seemed like a good fit.

My mom was often out and about and wearing an elderly alarm 24/7 would make her feel self-conscious.

That’s when I decided to create my own elderly care system, Stay Smart Care. At this time, she doesn’t need a caregiver providing services in her home. Instead, she consults with a virtual nurse once a week. When the time comes that she needs additional in-home services, Stay Smart Care can continue to be there, too.

So how does it all work?

The nurses at Stay Smart Care keep track of my mom’s health remotely using wireless monitoring devices. If anything changes regarding my mom’s health, the nurses will be the first to know, so we don’t have to worry about my mom falling or injuring herself at home. My mom’s doctor even gets scheduled monthly updates, so they can adjust her treatment as necessary. Now, my mom can stick to her usual routine without moving out of her house. My sister and I can rest assured my mom is getting the right care she needs at this time and information to support when she may need additional services therefore protecting her retirement resources.

That’s the Stay Smart Care promise.

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  • Reduce hospitalizations and ED utilization
  • Improve Medicare Star Ratings and HEDIS scores
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