Six Ways Stay Smart Care Can Help In-Home Care Businesses Improve the Way you Deliver Care

//Six Ways Stay Smart Care Can Help In-Home Care Businesses Improve the Way you Deliver Care

Six Ways Stay Smart Care Can Help In-Home Care Businesses Improve the Way you Deliver Care

Improving Home care for Elderly in Their Own Homes

For any in-home care business, there is nothing more important than the health, well-being, and happiness of each client. To achieve those three priorities, the best possible care must always be given – maintaining a record of consistent, top-quality care around the clock requires an enormous amount of resources that may not always be readily available or within the client’s budget.

Following are six ways that Stay Smart Care can improve the way in-home care businesses deliver care to your home care clients:

  1. Maintaining 24/7 Monitoring

With Stay Smart Care technology, in-home care businesses can monitor the health, activity, and conditions of clients, no matter what time of day or night it may be. What if in the middle of the night, they fall? What if during a lunch break, they need paramedics? Stay Smart Care enables you to have 24/7 coverage without being there.  Stay has monitoring capabilities that are overseen via a medical command center, which is staffed around the clock by nurses, physicians, and paramedics. Monitoring clients like this is non-intrusive, as well; thanks to the wireless monitoring technology placed in the client’s home, the medical command center can monitor them with ease without imposing on the client’s day-to-day activities.

  1. The Client Refuses to Wear Pendants or Bracelets for Health Monitoring

There are some seniors who do not mind wearing wireless sensors to regulate and monitor their vitals, activity levels, and location. However, not everyone is a fan of wearing a sensor, and some people downright refuse to – it’s understandable. As a solution to this common issue, Stay Smart Care offers in-home monitors that do not need to be worn. These monitors can be placed in discreet places throughout the client’s home and still provide critical information about the senior – without ever getting in his or her way or disturbing the home. It’s important that seniors at home feel safe without being intruded upon.

  1. Monitoring More than Just Whether or Not They Fall

Speaking of monitoring, many clients of in-home care businesses would greatly benefit from having health care providers being able to consistently watch for more than just a sudden change in activity, such as a fall. As the only company that monitors four categories of data – not just one – Stay Smart Care can provide this monitoring for clients of in-home care businesses.  Know if your clients are OK.

  1. Keeping Concerned Relatives Constantly Updated

It is no surprise that seniors will have relatives with many questions about their aging loved one, and most of the time answering these questions is not simple – and it takes time. If a relative is constantly contacting staff members to get updates on their loved one, not only can it consume a substantial amount of the caregiver’s time, but it can also take away precious time from other clients, the caregiver’s family, and other obligations the caregiver must tend to.

This is where Stay Smart Care can help. When in-home care businesses team up with Stay Smart Care, client’s family members will have access to a user-friendly mobile app and the Alexa interface by Amazon that they can access from anywhere, any time, to receive the information on their loved one they need to rest easy – no intrusive interruptions or constant phone calls required. It’s as simple as the family member asking Alexa to open Stay Smart Care and provide a health briefing.

  1. Keeping the Client’s Primary Care Provider Updated

A client’s primary care provider, being aware of what is going on with his or her patient, is incredibly important for everyone involved with the senior. Keeping physicians up to date with the many clients of in-home care businesses is no simple task, and that’s why Stay Smart Care has a solution. Our staff will send regular reports to clients’ primary care providers to ensure that the senior will always have a team of caregivers who are current with their conditions between office visits. Reports will include any and all interactions that caregivers have with clients to give physicians a comprehensive picture of their patient’s overall health.

  1. Keeping Up with Client Needs for Personal Interaction

It goes without saying that some clients just need more personalized attention from “real live people” than others. This is especially true for seniors who have few or no family members living nearby. It’s critical that seniors maintain a healthy degree of social interaction – even with caregivers. In-home care businesses can find it challenging to give each client the personal time they need as often as they need it. Stay Smart Care can help by making proactive outbound calls on a regular basis to clients – these calls usually last at least 15-20 minutes. This not only gives seniors another source of personal, friendly, professional attention they deserve, but also provides additional opportunities for Stay to alert your caregivers to anything out of the norm with the senior.

Stay Smart Care supports the home care provider’s care for their clients by offering a better way to live comfortable, healthy, and happy lives for as long as possible. Catering to the needs of clients can be complicated, especially when every client is unique. Stay Smart Care is able to help in-home care businesses provide the very best services for their clients – with multiple levels of offerings, Stay Smart Care is able to complement both non-medical home care agencies and skilled home health agencies.  When we work together to improve home care for elderly in their own homes, we all win – because one day, we may all need it ourselves.

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