New innovative Technology for Detecting Falls in 2019

//New innovative Technology for Detecting Falls in 2019

New innovative Technology for Detecting Falls in 2019

The Future of Fall Detection is Here

It’s always a top concern for caregivers and family members: feeling assured that their aging loved one is healthy, safe, and happy at home. One of the most common fears people have is that their senior loved one might one day fall and be unable to call for help.

Fall Monitors Save Lives

Thankfully, there are several different options when it comes to being able to monitor your aging senior’s condition – even if you are thousands of miles away. In addition, the best new fall monitors won’t impose on your loved one’s independence or daily activities. In the event that an elder does fall, these monitoring devices can automatically call emergency responders, doctors, and/or family members right away, ensuring that the elderly loved one quickly receives help, even when they are unable to call for it themselves.

One of the most common ways to monitor falls is by using wearables. A wearable device can be a necklace, pendant, bracelet, or an ankle bracelet, for example. Specifically, two of the top wearable devices for 2019 are the:

  • GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus

This wearable has fall detection technology that connects to an agent when and if a fall occurs. Equipped with Snapdragon Wear technology and enhanced GPS capability, this device has one of the fastest response times of wearable devices on the market today. It comes with an amplified speaker that is meant for two-way communication as well. The battery life for this wearable is definitely worth writing home about, with it lasting up to 80 hours on a single charge.

  • Apple Watch

The Apple Watch series 4 can recognize when the wearer takes a hard fall and displays an alert on the watch face. It can also contact emergency services if the wearer chooses, and if not, the alert can simply be canceled. The watch waits to call out to emergency services if it detects that you are moving, but if the watch does not sense movement after a minute after the fall, it calls out to emergency services automatically.

The Stay Smart Care System

The third system worth mentioning is actually more than a standard elderly monitoring device, and it can detect falls without even having to be worn by the elderly.  While wearable technology itself isn’t really new, wireless systems in touch with healthcare professionals that can be installed in your senior’s home to keep track of their daily activities is.

Stay Smart Care uses this advanced technology.

Many seniors don’t like wearing monitoring devices; the Stay Smart Care system uses sensors placed around the senior’s home instead, allowing him or her freedom from wearables. What really makes the system so advanced and innovative is the fact that these sensors and monitors are used in combination with personal attention from professional medical providers, making it much more than just another monitoring device.

Loved ones, physicians, nurses, and caregivers are able to monitor activity, vital statistics, and more all with a simple mobile device app that is linked to the system. Reports can be sent to the patient’s doctors, so they are able to keep updated on the elderly patient’s condition on a regular basis.

This new, innovative elderly monitoring device system also notifies both the family of the elder and a healthcare professional if the senior has fallen; this way, caregivers can rest easy knowing that their loved one is always connected with a healthcare professional, and concerns about their elderly loved one falling and being unable to call for help can be put to rest.

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