Care Managers and Home Care Companies: What’s the Difference?

//Care Managers and Home Care Companies: What’s the Difference?

Care Managers and Home Care Companies: What’s the Difference?

Do some Home Care Companies provide Care Managers?

As more baby boomers get ready to retire and senior care grows into a $400 billion industry, senior care managers and home care companies often tread on similar territory, but there are many differences between senior care managers and home care companies. Both parties are responsible for caring for seniors, and in many cases even sharing the same clients, helping them access vital medical services. Their respective roles often complement one another, creating a more holistic approach to senior care. Learn about the differences between these two healthcare service providers and what makes them unique.

Home Care Companies vs. Care Managers

A home care company is responsible for attending to the patient’s everyday healthcare needs, such as dressing, bathing, cooking, administering medications, transporting them to and from medical appointments and other routine tasks.

A care manager is responsible for overseeing the patient’s entire treatment by looking at the bigger picture. They regularly coordinate with the patient’s healthcare providers, manage their medications, schedule medical appointments, and keep the patient’s family members informed every step of the way.

How They Work Independently

Home care companies typically carry out these routine tasks on their own. The company may have a nurse or home health aide come over to the patient’s house once or twice a day to help them get ready in the morning, help them throughout the day, and then put them to bed at night.

The company will also coordinate care for several different clients at the same time. They make sure patients are satisfied with their care providers, respond to reports of abuse, and make sure every patient gets the care they need on a daily basis.

Care managers also complete many tasks on their own. They usually have a dedicated office where they make calls to their patients’ care providers, organize schedules, research new treatment methods, and help their clients make the most of their medical benefits.

Care managers will also interface with the patient on their own, asking them questions about their symptoms, their level of comfort, and how the treatment is progressing.

How They Work Together

Home care companies and care managers often rely on one another when administering care. Care managers and home care companies are always communicating with each other in terms of the wellbeing of the patient. A care manager will often ask the patient’s nurse or home health aide how the patient was feeling today, whether they seemed alert, or if they’ve been sticking to a regular diet.

Home care companies also need to check in with care managers to make sure their staff is up to speed on the patient’s latest treatment requirements, including what pills they should be taking, what they should be eating, and how their condition may be evolving.

Care managers and home care companies often refer each other  to their clients. Some seniors and their family members may not realize there’s a difference between these two parties and these referrals help complete the care delivery system.

Some home care companies will even employ care managers, incorporating their services into those offered by the company.

Here’s How They Work with Stay Smart Care

As part of our in-home senior care program, Stay Smart Care works with both home care companies and care managers. Our company uses remote monitoring devices and live video consultations to track the health of our patients. Our seniors typically want to stay home instead of going to a nursing home, but with our services,  seniors and their family members don’t have to worry about having them live home alone. We are always there to make sure they receive the care they need.

But many of our clients depend on home care companies and care managers in addition to using our services. Although independent, our seniors may still have someone managing their overall care or have a nurse or home health aide come over to help them with everyday tasks.

As part of the care delivery system, Stay Smart Care communicates regularly with home care companies and care managers. We report any changes to the patient’s health to one another to make sure everyone has a clear idea of the patient’s needs. Stay Smart Care is just one more way of helping seniors get the care they need.

Home care companies and care managers will always have a place in the senior care industry. We’re proud to work alongside these senior care professionals.

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