Assessing Your Loved Ones Need for Home Care Services

//Assessing Your Loved Ones Need for Home Care Services

Assessing Your Loved Ones Need for Home Care Services

Key Indicators that it May be Time for In-Home Health Care

It is not always easy to tell if your loved one may need home care services. The signs are not always apparent, and it’s sometimes difficult to think that they may no longer be completely independent and in good health as they had been in the past. Sometimes people do not know the signs to look for that suggest their aging parent or loved one may need assistance in their home. It is important to recognize these indications so that you can act accordingly.

The Condition of Their Home

Some visual signs that your aging relative needs help in their home would be an unusually messy home, an unorganized home when it once was organized, or household appliances that no longer function properly. The key aspect to look for in your elderly loved one’s home is disarray where order once prevailed – anything out of the ordinary from the norm may be a sign that your loved one needs assistance at home.

Personal Hygiene

To recognize the beginning of a cognitive decline, look for signs regarding personal hygiene. Some signs might be that your loved one wears the same clothes time and again without washing them. Another indicator is if they do not worry about or even notice their physical appearance any longer. These signs could mean that they need physical assistance with getting dressed or doing their laundry.


If your senior family member is frequently forgetting to take his or her medication as directed, that could be a sign of more than forgetfulness; it could signal the need for additional at-home care services. In addition, if they are forgetting to pay bills, or if they are generally confused or hesitant when doing tasks that were familiar to them once, it may be time to consider and discuss assistance options.

Poor Diet or Weight loss

If your aging adult is looking thinner and/or weaker than they were the last time you saw them, they may need assistance with cooking meals or even with eating and drinking. Look for expired items in their pantry, too – this is a sign that they may need assistance purchasing food and managing it as well.

Physical Signs

Obvious indications whether your loved one may need home care services can be physical signs. These can include things like bruising of the skin, trouble getting up from a chair, unexplained lacerations (cuts and scratches), and an overall depressed nature. Especially if they have been recovering from a procedure or surgery, your loved one can benefit immensely from the assistance provided by home care services.

Coming to terms with the fact that your loved one may need assistance isn’t always easy. Thankfully, virtual in-home monitoring services such as health-tracking and senior care technology provided by healthcare professionals can help your loved one stay independent and strong. Features such as digital nurse check-ups, virtual medication monitoring, and much more are revolutionizing aging in place.


Contact us today for more information about the benefits of an excellent virtual in-home health care system that combines personal medical professional attention with advanced technology to keep your loved one safe and healthy in their own home.

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