4 Innovative Ways to Provide Care over Long Distance

//4 Innovative Ways to Provide Care over Long Distance

4 Innovative Ways to Provide Care over Long Distance

Thanks to the advancement of senior care technology and the surge in the availability of personal devices, families and long-distance caregivers can stay connected to their loved ones better than ever before. There are many ways long-distance care can be given these days, regardless of how many miles are between people. Surveys show that about 15% of caregivers live at least one hour away from the people for whom they are caring, so it’s vital that they can stay close virtually on a consistent basis to provide the best care possible. Following are four great ways to do exactly that:

1. At-Home Environmental Sensors

These sensors can be placed throughout a loved one’s home to transmit information about a person’s daily activities to loved ones. The sensors are able to monitor situations and specific areas in the home, with which caregivers can tell where in the home the loved one is at, if he or she has been sleeping longer than usual, which doors have recently been opened, and more. This information can be sent to hand-held devices instantly around the clock.

2. Visual Touchscreen Interaction

There are services and programs available out there that allow loved ones and caregivers to communicate in real-time face to face whenever it’s needed. Seniors are able to take part in valuable social communication, reminders, wellness checks, instructions, prompts for taking medications, and more. Touchscreens can be combined with wellness sensors throughout the home to notify caregivers of changes in daily activities.

3. Medication and Activity Monitors

There are systems available with sensors that can be placed on medication containers in order to monitor usage. In addition, sensors are available for pantry doors and refrigerator doors to help caregivers determine if their loved one is eating and drinking regularly. There are also medication management systems available that remind seniors to take medications appropriately; some systems can post information on remaining inventory, compliance, and additional health information via a secure website for caregivers.

4. Personal Attention Combined with Technology

Perhaps the best and most thorough way to provide care to loved ones over long distances is a program that combines personalized healthcare attention with today’s most advanced care technology.  Even the most advanced monitoring technology isn’t effective without medical professionals available to interpret the data and interact with the client. Regular attention from a medical professional, even virtually, can help to address a health issue early before it becomes a problem.


Stay Smart Care is a popular program that helps clients feel safe and remain in their own homes, and out of assisted living facilities, by being the only aging-in-place solution that combines advanced health-tracking technology with personalized attention by certified nurses. With this comprehensive program, seniors retain their independence while being looked after by a medical professional, families are able to “check in” on them regularly via technology, and even their primary care physicians can stay updated on the person’s condition. This senior care technology system uses customized wireless devices and sensors around the home coupled with one-on-one attention from healthcare professionals to deliver non-intrusive support that keep everyone armed with up-to-the-minute information on how a loved one is doing, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

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